Customer Service Anyone?…

Do you know anyone who doesn’t enjoy good customer service when dining out? If you receive great service, it’s a welcome bonus, right? How about the service you receive when you’re paying bills in person? You would expect to be taken care of by someone who is professional, warm, friendly, and has a total willingness to provide you with the service(s) you need.  Then why is it that so often today, the service you receive is just short of adequate? Is it any wonder why automated banking and online services have become so popular? You may feel forced to get with the “automated program” in order to avoid inadequate customer service that you might otherwise receive.

You hear the complaints all the time about how everything is becoming so automated. The “live” person on the other end of the phone has almost become non-existent. For instance, you place a call to your local utility bill company and the first thing you hear is an automated message with a seemingly endless list of prompts that encourage you to listen to the entire message in order to make the correct selection(s).  Things have become so impersonal that these systems have even been programmed to have preset answers to “the most asked” questions. It may be your conclusion that no matter how advanced the world becomes, automation  simply cannot completely eliminate the need for “live” one-to-one interaction at some point. Would you further conclude that automation doesn’t always spell great customer service? After all, if even one of these automated systems were to ever crash, a real “live” person would be needed to get things back up and running, right?



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