Put Your Shoes On!


I like to start my Sunday mornings off with a segment of Joel Osteen. He is one of my favorite television pastors. Always so positive and uplifting and most importantly, he seems so genuine and down to earth. I feel like I could sit and have a conversation with him. Yesterday morning he spoke about the need for people to put their shoes on each morning. He was referring to ‘shoes of peace’. He stressed the importance, of making a commitment to ourselves to not allow anything to move us from our peaceful state of mind. No matter what that something is.

I liked that Joel Osteen referred to this as one putting his/her shoes on for the day. I’ve never thought of things in quite those terms. It’s much like putting on your armor everyday, to protect yourself from all the impending bullets of life that are bound to come your way. Prayer is also another way of putting on your ‘shoes of peace’ or ‘armor’ for the day, providing protection for you from what may be lying in wait. This segment of Joel Osteen really blessed and enlightened me, as he always does. As a result, I’ll be sure to put my shoes on every morning, so that I may walk in peace as I face the world. How about you?

By Sylvia Porter-Hall

Images: Free Google images

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  1. D'aller Naturel
    Sep 01, 2014 @ 11:20:17

    My family and I used to go to his church until it got too big. It’s fun to visit, but definitely hard to plug in. I definitely prefer watching him on TV–I no longer live in Houston so it’s really my only option…unless I visit the parentals lol



    • sporterhall
      Sep 02, 2014 @ 20:14:34

      Wow! So, you’ve experienced Joel Osteen in the flesh? Yes, his church appears to huge with an unimaginable size congregation. Did you enjoy the services when you went there?



      • D'aller Naturel
        Sep 02, 2014 @ 21:20:43

        Yup, sure have. It’s always an experience in person, but (as weird as it sounds) the church is so big it feels more personal watching a service on TV. Just trudging through the parking lot may as will be a daily hike path lol


  2. sporterhall
    Sep 03, 2014 @ 00:51:47

    Wow! That is both interesting and enlightening but I can definitely see what you’re saying. I will just continue to enjoy from the tube! LOL 🙂



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