The Beauty of my Day of Birth

Every year is so much sweeter than the last. My day of birth is more than just getting older. With each new day, I become richer with every breath that I take. I celebrated with my sister earlier today over a beautiful lunch. So precious is our time with family!!


Watkin’s Glen; A Finger Lake’s Jewel. Images 28-35

More beautiful pics from my friend Justin. Enjoy these photos of the very picturesque and beautiful Watkins Glen!


Watkin's Glen 2

Watkin’s Glen 2

Watkin's Glen Pool

Watkin’s Glen Pool

Watkin's Glen 3

Watkin’s Glen 3

Watkin's Glen 4

Watkin’s Glen 4

Watkin's Glen 5

Watkin’s Glen 5

Watkin's Glen 6

Watkin’s Glen 6

Watkin's Glen 7

Watkin’s Glen 7

Watkin's Glen 8

Watkin’s Glen 8

Watkin’s Glen is an amazing spot for photography on the southern tip of Seneca Lake, one of the Finger Lakes in central New York.  Most people know about Watkin’s Glen because of the race track that hosts a NASCAR race every year.  The photographer only has eyes for Watkin’s Glen State Park.  2 miles of stream, dropping 400 feet in 19 waterfalls.  Water is dripping down the walls of the gorge as well as along the stream!  You will climb a TON of stairs, but the exercise is well worth it.  You will walk behind waterfalls and have incredible views from so many different angles.  Every time I go I shoot at least 200 pictures.  The only downfall?  Lots of other people there to see the sights…

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Cape Cod; Our Favorite Family Vacation Spot. Images 23-27

Some awesome lighthouse photos from my friend Justin. He truly has a great eye for capturing the beauty of his work. Enjoy!


Chatham Light at DawnChatham Lighthouse at Dawn, Chatham, MA

Chatham Light at NoonChatham Lighthouse at Noon, Chatham, MA

Chatham Light in AfternoonChatham Lighthouse in Afternoon, Chatham, MA

Chatham Light at DuskChatham Lighthouse at Sunset, Chatham, MA

Chatham Light at NightChatham Lighthouse at Night, Chatham, MA

Until the summer of 2012, we had never been to Cape Cod.  My wife and I had travelled to Boston in the past and we Honeymooned along the coast of Maine, but we had never been to the Cape.  My wife and I fell in love with Maine on our Honeymoon and have been back there a second time to revisit some of the amazing places we enjoyed.  My wife and I had our greatest vacation as a couple when we spent a week in Hawaii on the island of Maui.  That.  Was.  Pure.  Bliss.  We eventually plan on going back to Hawaii with the kids as soon as we can!!

During the summer of 2012, we got the chance…

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Shore Light

More beautiful work from Kevin at WildCamera Words! Thank you Kevin!

A few of my favorite visions…….


There is nothing more beautiful than the glorious visions like the photos below to remind us…. so blessed are we!



Mortality’s Mirror?


I observed a very interesting viewpoint while watching a program earlier today.  A new grandfather was asked how he felt about the beautiful, new, bouncing bundle of joy that just came into his life.  He casually said that he had yet to see his new grandson and that he was hardly excited about it. The female character just looked at him with sheer amazement. She didn’t know whether to shake him or hit him.  He then said that when he looks into the face of a baby, he sees his own mortality; the baby’s beginning and his end. Wow! It kind of makes you wonder how many others feel the same way.

When you look into the face of a baby, do you see your own mortality? Has this thought ever crossed your mind? You would think it would be hard to fathom such a morbid thought when looking at such purity,newness, and  innocence that  babies represent. You might agree that babies instill new hope, opportunities, fresh creativity, and a  boundless need to discover the world for yourself; whether it’s for the very first time or even if you’re an old pro!

Push or shove?


When it comes to the words push and shove, you might say that they are one and the same. Or are they? Would you rather be pushed in different areas of your life or shoved? You may feel that being pushed in the direction of pursuing your dreams is a welcome and favorable action. In this case, you don’t mind being pushed all day; if it’s going to help propel you to where you need to go. It also may depend on who’s doing the pushing. Now, lets talk about the word shove.  Shove would seem to be the ruder term -vs- push, even if only by sound.  Shove can imply taking someone by surprise and in essence can be viewed as aggressively pushing. Do think you would ever find yourself saying, I’m so glad my parents shoved me in the right direction concerning furthering my education? Maybe, maybe not. Sometimes, parents are pushy reflecting their particular style of parenting and may feel the need to aggressively shove their children to excel and become successful. But if a teacher or colleague were to do the same thing, you might very well take it defensively and feel more like you’re being shoved. After it’s all said and done, you may draw the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter as long as the end result is a positive one. But remember, the true end result may be the fallout of all that pushing and shoving.

Is makeup sometimes a coverup?


It’s always a beautiful thing to see when you spot someone who is wearing perfectly applied makeup. Would you agree? You know the type, the eye shadow is done with expert precision, the face makeup is seemingly flawless. Awesome right? Well, then there’s the flip side. The person that is wearing heavy layers of “cover up”, so much that if you were to see them without it, you might not even recognize them. Why do some people where such heavy paint on their faces? You may know someone who does this, or you may be a person who likes to spread the layers of foundations,powders,etc. on as thick as can be.

Please understand, I’m not against makeup. When it’s done right, it can be a beautiful vision to behold. I don’t wear it because my skin is very sensitive and I try not to do anything to stir up more problems. I apply a little lipstick/gloss and I’m out the door. Also, applying a full face of makeup takes time and energy. It’s just one more thing to have to make time for and squeeze into an already jam-packed day.

Do you ever think that some people who put on all these layers of cake  are maybe trying to hide the face that they are really unhappy with? Does each layer represent a new and deeper level of dissatisfaction with the face that they were born with? Kind of scary when you think  about how thick some of these layers appear to be, mannequin-like in some cases. I say that because some people would not be caught dead or alive without their makeup “mask”. For instance, someone drops by your house unexpectedly. You did not get the opportunity to put your face on, so you are frantic and at your wits end! No one can see you like this! What do you do? Do you scream to the person through your closed front door, that they need to come back later? Or do you take your chances and open the door bracing for whatever reaction you might get?


If you quit, I will support you…..


When you read the title of this article, what comes to mind? When it was said to me, it blew my mind! I learned some very sobering truths during what turned out to be an enlightening conversation with a friend. Now, I was already aware that she is a very hardworking person and is very driven in her career and is very successful as a result. She shared with me that her mom has always been against her decision to become a doctor; hence the title of this post. Have you ever heard of such a thing? This would be some parents’ dream; their son or daughter aspiring to become a doctor and working diligently to make that happen.

Nonetheless, my friend’s mom has consistently, even to this day, encouraged her daughter to try other professions; anything other than the medical field. I could only look my friend with pure amazement and curiosity. As I continued to listen, her mother’s thinking began to have a very sensible rationale behind it; one that never occurred to me. It turns out her mom was only trying to spare her daughter the harsh realities of the vicious grind and obscene trespassing that would overtake her personal life; both non-negotiable and unavoidable factors of aspiring to this profession. This truly was an “aha” moment for me! I totally get where my friend’s mom is coming from. But, I still want to know what you think! Would you ever say this to your children, spouse, friend, etc.? Or, would you just let them be?

Do you believe in miracles?



Do you believe in miracles? If you’ve never experienced a miracle, your answer to this question might be no. After all, these so-called miracles seem to happen to “other” people, not you. You’ve heard about people coming so close to death, they could almost taste it. Or how about the person that experienced a near miss in a car accident that by all appearances should have been fatal? Yes, these instances definitely fit the category of “miracle”. But again, if you’ve never had the the pleasure of encountering a miracle, it may seem like a bunch of hogwash to you.

And who could blame you? You’ve had some close calls yourself, but you never went as far as to claim them as “miracles”. You were once tossed over the side of a boat due to choppy waters. You hit your head on the edge of the boat just before you hit the water. Thanks to your quick-thinking boating buddies, your life was spared as a result of them diving in and bringing you back above water and into the boat. You lost consciousness and could have certainly lost your life but you were spared. Miracle? Some might say, absolutely! You might call it sheer luck! But you can’t help but acknowledge that death almost kissed you on the head that day, but you chalk it up to some kind of winning streak or odds being in your favor. Even though, this accident happened several years ago, the memory of it is still as fresh in your mind as the water was that day you went crashing into it. There’s not a day that goes by that you don’t  think about it. But the question still remains… you believe in miracles?


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